3M E-A-R Ultrafit Ear Plugs With Storage Case (Pack of 50) UF-01-020



These unique corded earplugs are ideal for use by employees working in busy, noisy environments. The specially designed, extra long ear plug makes insertion into the ear easier and more comfortable. These earplugs provide a higher level of protection than standards earplugs and conform to EN352-2 standards. The convenient corded design prevents the earplugs being lost if removed whilst working. Attenuation detail: SNR=32dB, H=32db, M=28dB, L=25Db. This pack contains 50 pairs of earplugs, easy with a convenient transparent storage case.

  • Dimensions: 17.1 x 0.4 x 19.6mm
  • Weight: 51g


Type Ear Defenders
Manufacturer 3M
Brand 3M
Material PU Foam
Form Ear Plugs
Noise Reduction 25-32dB
Standards EN352-2