2Work Air Freshener Trigger 750ml (Pack of 6) 2W07248



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This fragrant ready-to-use air freshener sweeps away stale and stifling odours and leaves a light fresh scent. It eliminates everyday odours instead of simply masking them. The trigger spray mechanism allows for a more controlled spray than an aerosol, providing an economical and environmentally friendly way to freshen rooms. This pack contains 6 bottles- each containing 750ml and 2 trigger spray heads.

  • Ready to use long lasting air freshener.
  • Notes of peach, jasmine, ylang ylang, amber and musk.
  • Neutralises unwanted odours such as stale tobacco.
  • Trigger bottle.
  • 750ml
Brand 2Work
Form Trigger Spray
Manufacturer VOW
Size 750ml
Type Air Fresheners